1959 Hugo Award for A Case of Conscience "Best Novel"
1960 Guest of Honor, World Science Fiction Convention
1965 Nebula Award nomination for "The Shipwrecked Hotel" "Best Novelette" (with Norman L. Knight)
1968 Nebula Award nomination for Black Easter "Best Novel"
1969 Hugo Award nomination for "We All Die Naked" "Best Novella"
1970 Nebula Award nomination for "A Style in Treason" "Best Novella"
1970 Guest of honor, British Eastercon
1976 BSFA Special Award for Best British SF
1977 Creation of the James Blish award for Criticism (first winner, Brian Aldiss)
1950/2001 Retro-Hugo Award nomination for "Okie" "Best Novelette"
2002 Elected to Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame
1953/2004 Retro-Hugo Award for "Earthman Come Home" "Best Novelette"
1953/2004 Retro-Hugo Award for "A Case of Conscience" "Best Novella"